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BarkStreet Beverage Company is solely focused on enhancing the lives of animals. 

We work with Board Certified Animal Nutritionists and professional Food Scientists to craft beverages that provide refreshing enjoyment for our furry friends.   With BarkStreet’s line of handcrafted beverages, we now can "grab a drink” with our furry friends and be confident that they are enjoying a healthy, safe, and delicious bevvy - with or without us.

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Crafted with Love

At BarkStreet, we believe that great nutrition is rooted in the integrity of our ingredients.  We are utterly obsessed with sourcing the highest quality ingredients and crafting nutritionally sound beverages for our furry friends.  Beverages that we ourselves would drink - if only they were flavored for us!  


Our products are bone broth based line of craft beverages that captures the spirit of different types of craft brews. 


Made with 100% natural ingredients that are sourced in the USA, all of our beverages are alcohol free, carbon free and hops free, and are safe for dogs.

They are filled with nutritious ingredients including trace minerals, amino acids, glucosamine and more, and are designed to help promote a healthy gut and boost immunity.  

To ensure our products maintain the highest standards of quality, all of our beverages are handcrafted in small batches and are formulated to be 100% delicious. 

But don't take our word for it - scroll back up and watch the videos.

The proof is in the lapping!

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Our Story

This is Ellie - my heart dog. 

As a pet mom, I love all my children equally. But, my bond with Ellie was like none other I had experienced.  ​After a long and wonderful life, Ellie crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year.  Her spirit and her love remain velcro'd to my heart - forever.

At around the age of 9, Ellie developed Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which made her sick every time she ate food.  It was difficult to find the right mix of food she could tolerate while keeping her nourished and well.  

With Ellie's health in limbo, I started working with an animal nutritionist and did a deep dive into the causes of food allergies in dogs.

The nutritional powers of bone broth along with other natural foods became my focus and I set on a path to create a healthy beverage that Ellie could enjoy and would be good for her overall well being.

My journey with Ellie along with my desire to help animals ultimately led me to launch BarkStreet Beverage Company, creating a selection of healthy craft beverages - formulated just for dogs!

We’ve reimagined Happy Hour, so just like Ellie and I enjoyed, dogs everywhere can now join in on the fun and enjoy their own all-natural, handcrafted  beverages while their "hoomans" sip on a wonderful glass of wine or enjoy a hearty craft brew.


Founder & CEO 

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Bark it Forward

Very rarely does the story begin with the end in mind, but in our case it does.


Our passion is to help animals and our business was born with a conscience.


Everything we do is to provide a wonderful way for you to improve the daily life of your pet and enhance your bond with them.


AND, by doing good for your pet you can help other animals who are less fortunate and are at-risk.  


That's why with each purchase you make, a portion goes directly towards fully vetted non-profit organizations that are dedicated to animal welfare, advocacy, safety, and assistance.  

We “Bark the Bark” and are committed to providing opportunities for you to make the planet a better place - one animal at a time and one beverage at a time.  


We love your compassion and thank you for all that you do for your pets! 


With or without our beverages, we hope you will continue to spread your kindness and to be a voice for animals in your own way.  We love and appreciate you!

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