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  • Is this beverage healthy for my dog?
    It is! We use only all natural, human-grade ingredients that we are 100% sure are good for your pet. On top of that, there are many studies showing the health benefits of bone broth for the gut health of your pet. Bone broth is known to help their immune system and can also help strengthen their joints and aid in their digestion. Since our broths are bone broth based, they contain many vitamins and trace minerals including: collagen, gelatin, glycine, glucosamine, glutamine, and electrolytes - all of which are good for dogs. But if you have specific concerns about your pet and the benefits of bone broth, you should consult with your veterinarian to make sure it is right for them.
  • Why not just give my dog regular bone broth?
    Commercially available bone broths are typically made with ingredients such as onions, garlic and salt, which make the broth much more palatable to us humans, but are not necessarily good for your pet. That's why we create beverages that are good enough for us humans to drink, but that are not made with, nor do they contain any ingredients that are harmful for your dog. Our pets are family so our brews are made with human grade ingredients and we use organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Can't I just serve regular beer or non-alcoholic beer to my dog?
    Absolutely NOT! Alcohol is toxic for dogs. And non-alcoholic beer is toxic for dogs because it contains hops and carbon which are also toxic for dogs. This is why we created BarkStreet Beverage Co.! Now you can serve your dog a beverage that they will love and that will be healthy AND safe for them to enjoy with you!
  • Can I drink it too?
    Seriously - Don't you have your own bevvys??? Although our beverages are brewed with all natural & human grade ingredients, they are formulated for your pet and flavored with their palette in mind. But if you must - please make sure to send us a photo of you enjoying it too! Follow Us On Instagram so we will know when you tag us in your photo!
  • How long will the beverages last?
    We are currently conducting our shelf-life studies, which we continue to pass with flying colors! With each passing test, the shelf life gets longer, but as with any consumable product, we only guarantee the safety of the beverage up through the expiration date (EXP) on each can.
  • But I want to buy a bunch and stock up on them!!
    We don’t blame you and recognize this can be a problem for those of us who love to socialize with our pets. That’s why we created a couple of different subscription models so you can plan ahead and never run out!
  • Why can’t I find this at my pet store?
    Good question. Your bestie isn’t able to join you for happy hour at traditional pet stores, so you won’t find us there either. Let us know when they can and we will do our best to start selling there. Until then, you can order online or find us in select specialty stores.
  • What if my pup doesn’t like their beverage?
    We want you to be happy with your purchase and will gladly accept returns on any unopened beverages within a reasonable timeframe of your purchase and refund you for the beverage they did not like. Just let us know and we welcome the opportunity to ensure you are satisifed. Click here for our return policy.
  • How often can my dog drink their BarkStreet Beverage?
    If your dogs motto is: "It's 5 o’clock somewhere" - you’re in luck! Our beverages are bone broth based and are filled with lots of goodness, including trace minerals, glucosamine, etc. so they should be able to enjoy them as often as they like. But you know your bestie best, so indulge responsibly and check with your vet if you are unsure.
  • Will I become better looking to my dog - or to others if my dog drinks this?
    We recognize that this is one of those questions that has the potential to keep people up at night, so we are going to do our best to answer. Because there is no alcohol in our beverages, we are confident that your pup will not get "beer goggles" from drinking our beverages. That said, we do believe that shared experiences have the potential to make you much more... fetching in thier eyes and that your bond can only be enhanced when you are having bevvies together. All of that aside, there are numerous studies that show that dogs actually do enhance the social appeal of people, so it stands to reason that you are likely going to be seen as being infinitely more attractive if you are seen drinking a bevvy with your pup pal vs. drinking a bevvy with your human guy and gal pals. We haven't fully tested this theory yet, so if you'd like to help us proove it out, please tag us on IG and FB while you are out with your bestie and they are enjoying thier BarkStreet bevvy so we can see what others have to say!
  • Can I add garnishes to my pets bevvy?
    Sure thing! We recommend a slice of their favorite indulgence along with a sprinkle of your love! We’d love to see how you are serving, so feel free to be creative and share. Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos - this way we will know.
  • Can I serve this over food?
    You betcha! You also can freeze it for a frozen treat -But please don't freeze it in the can! Instead, we recommend pouring it into an ice tray or some other open container before freezing.
  • Can I serve it hot?
    You can serve it warm as you would serve any warm treat for your dog - but never hot as you could burn her mouth. Other options include cold, frozen or just plain room temperature. Just be sure to refrigerate any unused beverage and discard within 3 days.
  • Can I share with other dogs?
    No one likes to drink alone, so the more the merrier! Check out our party packs if you are planning a birthday party, some tail-gating or a BarkFest of your own. And because we are social beings as well, we'd love to see pics of your gatherings, so tag us on IG so we can enjoy your fun - virtually!
  • How many flavors of BarkStreet Beverage are available?
    Our goal is to delight your pup with new and exciting bevvys reguarly, so we are working on new recipes. As soon as we know they are safe to bring to market, we are happy to let you know. Until then, subscribe to our Street Club so you can be amongst the first to know!
  • How much of the proceeds goes to animal related charities?
    Our goal is to direct 10% of the proceeds from all of our regularly stocked beverages and 100% for any of our specialty brews. Averaging out the two, we anticipate somewhere between 20-30% of our profits will help animals in a meaningful way. As we grow, we will have more data to show exactly what the impact of your purchases have, but we are too new to have anything meaningful to post as of yet. For now, please visit our Barking it Forward page for details on some of the impact your purchases are making!
  • I have a non-profit I’d like you to support.
    Our goal is to write as many checks as we can, which is a lofty goal! All of the animal-related charities we support are and will be fully vetted to ensure they are legitimate and that the majority of what we donate actually goes towards helping animals. If you have a charitable organization you'd like us to consider supporting, or are an animal related non-profit looking for support - please contact at
  • Can my dog be a model?
    Yes! Post pictures on your Instagram (don't forget to tag us!) with your pup enjoying their favorite BarkStreet Beverage and they might get selected to be on one of our seasonal labels or specialty brews. Selected pups will also have the ability to direct where a donation is made as well, so their posing could help as we Bark it Forward!
  • Can my cat drink this too?
    We get it - sharing is caring. But this one we are going to have to defer to your dog on. If they are ok with it, WE are ok with it! Cats can benefit from drinking our beverages too so long as it doesn't result in a cat fight with your pup!
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