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DoppleBark is for all the times we've come home to find pillow pieces everywhere along with our favorite slippers torn to shreds.  Suurreee - we know you aren't capable of such mischief you angelic being.  It must have been that other dog who looks just like you! 


We also know that you may not fit the portrait of a "perfect dog", but we honestly wouldn't have it any other way!  That's why a portion of the proceeds from our DoppleBark will go to non-profit organizations that may not fit neatly into any of the other animal welfare related charities we support, but are still doing important work to help and better the lives of animals.


Available in a 2 pack or 4 pack  



DOPPLEBARK - Beef Flavored Dog Treat

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  • All of our beverages are bone broth based treats that are packed with vitamins and minerals including glucosamine, protien, collagen and other trace minerals.  They are made in small batches with 100% natural ingredients sourced in the U.S.A.  Each can is 12 oz and provides 4 servings for a small dog. 


    Ingredients: Beef Bone Broth, Carrots, Ginger, Lactic Acid (a natural preservative) and 100% LOVE!


    0% Alcohol / 0% Carbon / 0% Hops


    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Moisture: 95% (max)

    Fat: 0.0% (min)

    Crude Protein: 3.2% (min)

    Crude Fiber: 0.2% (max)

    Glucosamine: 104mg/kg (min)

    Calories: 19 per 12 oz can

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