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The closest thing to a craft beer experience a dog can safely enjoy!

Brewed Just For Your Dog!
Healthy foods & beverages for dogs

We believe that great nutrition is rooted in the integrity of our ingredients. Our products are made with all natural, human-grade ingredients sourced in the USA. We've worked with food scientist and animal nutritions and guarantee transparency in our labeling so you can be sure our beverages are 100% safe for your pets. 


We are obsessed with quality. We hand-craft our beverages in small batches to ensure your besties receive products that safe and are worthy of their joyful barks.


Bone broth-based and packed with *vitamins and minerals, every beverage is alcohol-free, carbon-free and hops-free for a healthy indulgence for your pets!   

* Beverages contain glucosamine, protein, collagen and other trace minerals that are known to have positive health benefits. 

For Wholesale Inquiries and Bulk Orders contact us directly at

Free Shipping on Orders $40 and up with Code FREESHIP

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Our Story...


This is Ellie, my heart dog.

As a pet mom, I love all my children equally. But, my bond with Ellie was special.  Around the age of 9, Ellie developed Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  It was difficult to find the right mix of food she could tolerate, and hydration and nutrient absorption became a challenge - particularly during flareups.  

I started working with an animal nutritionist to help Ellie and the nutritional powers of bone broth along with other natural foods became my focus.  Determined, I set on a path to create healthy meals and liquid beverage treats that Ellie could enjoy and that would be good for her overall well being.   

We developed little routines with Ellie where she would get her "bevvy" and we would have ours.  We felt good knowing we were doing something positive for her and that our treat time together was special and something that she really loved and enjoyed. 

While I was not able to cure Ellie, my journey with her along with my desire to help animals ultimately led me to create BarkStreet Beverage Company.  We're reimagining happy hour, so just like Ellie and I enjoyed, dogs everywhere can join in on the fun now and enjoy drinking something other than just water as a refreshing nutritious treat while bonding with their parents.  


Founder & CEO 



With every product you purchase, BarkStreet helps provide

assistance to animals in need.

Our products have purpose and you enable us to help make the lives of animals better with every order!

A portion of each sale is donated to fully vetted non-profit organizations

dedicated to animal welfare, advocacy, safety and support.


Do you have an organization that helps animals that is near and dear to your heart?

Tell us about it and it may be the recipient of our next donation.


Very rarely does the story begin with the end in mind, but in our case it does. Our passion is to help animals, and our business was born with a conscience.

Everything we do is to provide a wonderful way for you to improve the daily life of your pet and enhance your bond with them.  In doing good for your pet, you are also helping other animals who are less fortunate and are at-risk.

We “Bark the Bark” and are committed to providing opportunities to help make the planet a better place - one animal at a time and one beverage at a time.  

So if you've read this far, we know you are a compassionate person who loves animals!  With or without our beverages, we hope you will continue to spread your kindness and to be a voice for animals in your own way.

We love and thank you for all that you do for your pets and other animals!

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